Retaining Wall Installations and Natural Stone Paving

Retaining walls and natural stone are one of the best ways to enhance any outdoor space. At Fontana Landscapes, we have completed many landscaping projects that involve retaining walls and natural stone paving for clients in the Greater Vancouver area (West Vancouver & North Vancouver), Surrey, White Rock, Langley and more.

When it comes to your landscape’s architecture, why not make every day feel like a unique and special getaway? You do not have to put up with boring and generic features scattered around your yard when you can instead partner with a team of experienced landscape designers who can transform your property into the oasis of your dreams.

In order to complete the dream yard, we first start with the most basic aesthetics of your landscape –  your pavers and retaining walls. While you may have never thought of your pavers or patio stones as an important feature to the overall image your landscape portrays, it is our goal to show you just how transformative they can be. As the building block for the rest of your yard, it is essential that you work with a team of dedicated professionals who place your project as their priority. Whether you’re looking for colored stones, multiple retaining walls, or a new walkway through the garden, Fontana Landscapes LTD puts your needs first.

Our expert services are meant to enhance the overall appearance of your entire yard. Working with you to complete the landscape of your dreams, we are committed to using only the highest quality materials and products ensuring that what you want, you have. By carefully listening to your plans and dreams, we design a plan of action to install and maintain your pavers and retaining walls so your landscape architecture looks spectacular for years to come.


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Interlocking Paving Stones

In our experience, there is no better way to pave than using interlocking stone. It brings life to surfaces that would be overlooked with plain concrete or asphalt. With so many style options, there is a paving stone for everyone and we can incorporate many different styles depending on the landscape or client preference.

Why are pavers the best choice?

  • Great aesthetic look for driveways, patios and walkways
  • No cracking unlike stamped concrete and asphalt
  • No pooling water unlike stamped concrete
  • Easy to repair if needed
  • Ability to have permeable surface if needed
  • Longer lasting than any other method when installed correctly
  • Look almost new after sealing

Our Guarantee

At Fontana, we know that the key to long lasting paver patios and driveways is to do it right the first time. We warranty all installation for the first 3 years after completion to ensure that your patio or driveway will not sink, lose interlock, grow weeds or have any of the shortcomings that we typically see with poor installation practices. We don’t cut any corners here. From base prep to jointing sand, we make certain that the project will last years to come

Natural Stone

4042344_s-199x300 Nothing compares to the beauty of natural stone. Yes, it is usually more costly than concrete but the results are more satisfying than ever. We are highly skilled and trained to work with natural stone and would love to help you incorporate it into your oasis.

Possibilities with natural stone:

  • Flagstone or Blue Stone Patios
  • Dry Stacked Wall Stone
  • Step Risers
  • Water Features and Basalt Gurglers
  • Fire Pits & More!

Retaining Walls

With our mountainous landscape in British Columbia, what better way to break up steep slopes than by using blocks or natural segmental walls? Block walls not only work extremely well when retaining but also give you lots of different aesthetic options unlike wood and concrete walls. There are so many different colours and textures and we can help you pick the best option for your home style. Visit our guarantee page for information on our warranties.

Begin planning the yard of your dreams