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How to Turn a Pond into a Natural Swimming Pool

Ponds provide peace, beauty, and life to a yard during all seasons and having one on your property is almost always a treat. While ecosystem ponds are great features to have on any property, natural pools can provide your home with a focal point for entertaining and parties, a source of physical activity, and an outlet for fun and aquatic relaxation. Fontana Landscapes has been installing aquascapes and recreational swim ponds for years and our experience with water features has made us experts on how to turn a pond into a natural swimming pool.

Turning Your Pond into a Natural Swimming Pool

Recreational swim ponds are natural looking, chemical-free, maintainable bodies of freshwater that use plant life and beneficial bacteria to stay clean and healthy. The steps to take to turn a pond into a natural swimming pool are as follows:

1.     Get Prepared

Make sure that have all of the tools and materials that you will need to get started. It is important to have the source for your pool liner, plants, pump, and any rock or other landscaping materials lined up before beginning work. It is also important to check your community’s bylaws and obtain the proper permits to ensure that you do not run into trouble halfway through the job.

2.     Drain the Pond

Pump the water out of the pond and let the surrounding earth dry out a bit before moving forward.

3.     Section Off an Area for the Plant Zone

The plants will be essential for keeping the pool clean and healthy. Make sure that there is an area at the side of the pool where the plants will be able to do their job safely.

4.     Restructure the Hole

Dig out and reform the swimming hole as necessary to ensure that it fits your designs. Dig out the sections for the pump and piping and any landscape features that will be incorporated.

5.     Install the Pump and Filtration System

Install the pump and skimmer system at the end of the pool farthest away from the plant zone and run the piping under the ground so that the pump feeds the water through the plants. This will ensure that water runs through the plant filter before re-entering the rest of the pool. Using the proper wires and electrical systems, wire the pump into your home’s electrical network.

6.     Lay the Pool Liner

Lay the pool liner so that it exceeds the edges of the pool and seal the seams. Lay large rocks to hold it in place and pack down the corners and edges.

7.     Fill the Pool with Gravel

Fill the bottom of the pool with a smaller rock of your choice, such as pea gravel.

8.     Fill the Pool with Water

At this point, fill the pool with freshwater and let the water sit for a few days. Make sure that there are no leaks in the pool.

9.     Add in Plant Life

Install aquatic plants in the plant zone and anchor them with rocks.

If you would like to learn more about how to turn a pond into a natural swimming pool, please contact Fontana Landscapes at 778-990-9773 or fill out a contact form on our website.

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