1) Plant material: Plant material and installation will be in accordance with BCLNA standards. Plants guaranteed for (1) year from completion date. Warranty is eligible ONLY if watering is upheld to the following: Water plants every 3 days minimum between April 1 – Sept 31st. All trees must receive a minimum of 25 gallons per application during this time period. Fontana does not provide watering services.

2) Workmanship: (3) year warranty. All hardscape installations such as interlocking pavers, segmental walls & artificial grass are guaranteed to be installed properly and exceed all industry standards. Base preparation will be done to appropriate aggregate depths as per project requirement and compacted to 98% proctor density to prevent any moving of walls, patios, and driveways.

3) Exclusions: Fontana Landscapes LTD is not responsible for any damages from natural material changes such as staining, discolouring, efflorescence, cracking, chipping, changes that may occur on lumber, natural stone, paving stones, block or artificial turf after installation. FL is also not responsible for damages caused by de-icing salts or any other products applied to natural stone or concrete products. FL is also not responsible for damage caused by tree roots, adverse weather or damage caused by other parties after installation. FL is not responsible for punctures to pond liner after installation and all repair costs will be billed directly to client.

4) Unforeseen costs: FL is not responsible for any unforeseen costs that may come up during the landscape construction process. This includes excavation of hidden boulders, tree stumps, concrete foundations, wells, and septic tanks. These will be considered extras to the contract and will be brought to the owners/clients attention immediately before continuing project.

5) Warranty will NOT be completed until ALL contract payments are made in full

6) Any deviation from payment plan will result in Fontana Landscapes stopping all work until payments are made to date on the agreed plan.

7) Fontana Landscapes will be entitled to compensation for all materials and services provided up to notification from client if he/she chooses to cancel contract at any point throughout the work progress.

8) Fontana Landscapes LTD is fully insured covering damage to properties or liability. We also have workers compensation coverage and are in good standing with WCB.